Research Pathways

Knowledge Engineering Pathway


KEN – Theory and Practice in Knowledge Engineering

DESCRIPTION: Focus on Knowledge Engineering Methodologies and Technologies, Computational Intelligence and their relations with management and knowledge media.


KEN – Knowledge Engineering Applied to Organizations

DESCRIPTION: Focus on the design, development, and implementation of Knowledge Engineering solutions in public and private organizations.


KEN - Knowledge Modeling and Representation

DESCRIPTION: Focus on Knowledge Engineering approaches for knowledge modeling and representation..



Knowledge Management Pathway


KMA – Theory and practice in knowledge management

DESCRIPTION: It aims to study theory and practice of knowledge management and its relations with engineering and knowledge media. Thus, it involves research focused on planning and understanding knowledge by different dimensions of analysis, including individual, group, organizational, inter-organizational or networked.


KMA – Organizational Knowledge Management

DESCRIPTION: It aims to deepen theoretical and practical studies regarding the use of knowledge as a strategic production factor within the business management of knowledge economy. . This area investigates fundamentals of organizational knowledge management, ,, such as organizational learning process and its subprocesses of knowledge creation (identification, integration, socialization, retention-discarding, innovation, memory, ownership, evolution, and knowledge governance).


KMA - Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Sustainability

DESCRIPTION: This research pathway aims to study methodologies, techniques and tools of knowledge management applied to the promotion of entrepreneurship, innovation, and organizational sustainability. It proposes studies which consider the creation and application of new knowledge as a key factor for the expected changes, such as studies on the entrepreneur profile; environmental governance and, innovation networks.



Knowledge Media Pathway


KME – Theory and Practice in Knowledge Media

DESCRIPTION: Aims at the construction, ,, preservation and diffusion of knowledge and its relations with engineering and knowledge management.


KME – Media in the Dissemination and Preservation of Knowledge

DESCRIPTION: Approaches the capture, production, conservation and diffusion of knowledge. It carries out a reflection and analysis of the social implications of the growing dependence of society on technological means of communication.


KME – Knowledge Sharing Media

DESCRIPTION: Approaches the application of computer science, communication and cognitive sciences in knowledge generation, problem-solving, planning, inclusion processes, innovation, and education. Works are aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the knowledge sharing media processes, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, ,, .. ..